Increase your qualified web enquires by 4x 
with zero effort and without spending an extra cent on advertising.

Learn how we've taken 1000s of businesses in all industries, and using our expert live chat team, increased their qualified website enquires in under 24 hours. 
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We Talk To Your Web Visitors Before They Leave!

1. We Learn Your Business

We've worked with every industry from SMB to Fortune 500, and we work with you to create the perfect knowlede-base our agents use to answer your visitors questions.

People want to talk to people, not bots. Our agents are real people, based in Australia, USA and South East Asia to chat to you web visitors 24/7.

2. Humans, Not Bots.

3. We Capture 4x More Leads

Our agents are experts at capturing leads. They respond within 10 seconds, qualify your visitors enquiry and send leads via email, sms or CRM. In realtime!

“The point of difference that LeadChat gives us over our competition is unbelievable.”

Jeremy Goldschmidt, CEO @ RentBetter


Visitors Hit Your Website

Proactive pop-up engagement

Don't wait for a visitor to click the chat button. 
Using AI, we determine the optimal time to automatically pop up and start conversing with the customer. 

The key to capturing more leads from chat is the speed to response. Every chat must be answered within 10 seconds to get the best conversion from a visitor to a lead.

Blazingly fast response time. 24/7.

We customize the look and feel of the chat window to your specifications. We take it further, and will customize the greetings based on the pages the visitor is on, what keywords they used to find your site, and more!

Personalization and branding

LeadChat will save your staff hours of idly sitting on chat, or qualifying out the time wasters from the prospects - so they can focus on their jobs!

You know your customers have questions. And you also know that every unanswered question means more sales for your competitors. 


We Qualify and Convert

Quality responses

Chat conversations should provide your visitors with enough information to instil trust so that they're prepared to pass their details on. Our team make your visitors feel welcome on your site!

Focused on conversion

Our team have A/B tested thousands of chat flows over the years to ensure the highest rate of chats get converted into meaningful leads that are easy for you to close.

Chat script experts

We have a dedicated team of chat script writers who prepare our agents to wow your visitors with quality conversations that result in loads of leads.

Qualifying questions

We specialise in delivering qualified leads. Using qualifying questions, we can ask visitors for details like their budget, ZIP code, or anything else to help you discern a good lead from time waster.

Lead Capture

We capture name, email, cell/mobile phone, nature of their enquiry, qualifying questions, referring URL, page chat was initiated and much more!


Leads Management & Portal

LeadChat's Chatsystem CRM

Use our LeadChat portal to keep track of your leads, including our Lead Tracking CRM - or simply click the integration and push leads into any system you want!

Reports & analytics

View detailed reports including chat and lead volume, response times, greeting to chat ratios and much more.

Ad tracking & attribution

Connect to Google Analytics / Tag Manager to ensure you attribute leads back to your ad source and know which campaigns are converting! A marketers dream.

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You and your business are in good hands 

Reuse what works and improve your performance

Identify what works, and share best practices across the team.

Forget about contact duplication

We will make sure that your sales people never contact the same prospect twice.

Intuitive layout

B2B lead generation has never been easier or faster. Growbots is so intuitive you will master it in no time.

Everything you need is in your dashboard

Use it to manage your campaigns, monitor results, and update lead statuses in Salesforce.

You and your team are in good hands

Apart from our globally recognised service, our team in Australia and the US are here for you every step of the way. We are a private, self-funded company that believes in lasting, long term relationships and delivering good old-fashioned quality and service.

4x your website leads now!


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Just a few of the clients we've worked with

Plus thousands more in home services, education, finance, consumer products and more

Frank Recruitment Case Study

“LeadChat has been able to generate far more qualified leads and significatly decrease our conversion time. They have seriously managed to increase the ROI on our marketing spend.”

Finlay Russell
Senior Marketing Executive, Frank Recruitment


PoweredLocal Case Study

PoweredLocal has a technical product that isn’t easily explained via a website, so most of our visitors were unqualified, or simply didn’t understand what the service was.

“LeadChat is a secret weapon over our competition. Hands down best investment we’ve ever made.”

Michael Jankie
CEO, PoweredLocal

TalkWalker Case Study

TalkWalker were frustrated that they were losing people on their website who weren’t enquiring, and wanted to increase the qualified leads they were getting on their website.

“Since we partnered with LeadChat we have seen a significant and immediate growth that we can directly attribute to this system. We could not recommend working with LeadChat more”

Tanvee Gupta
Demand Generation Team Leader


Before implementing LeadChat

Since they installed LeadChat’s chat technology and managed live chat agents service, their website conversion has increased by 122% and they have increased their sales by $460,000.

After implementing Leadchat


Before implementing LeadChat

Since they installed LeadChat’s chat technology and managed live chat agents service, their website conversion has increased by 628% and consistently generates 40-50 additional leads per week. This has increased the website conversion to ~7-8%.

After  implementing LeadChat


Before implementing LeadChat

Frank Recruitment were struggling to separate job applicants from companies looking to use their recruitment service. Most of their applicants weren’t qualified and they were waisting a lot of human resources.

After  implementing LeadChat

Since they installed LeadChat’s chat technology and managed live chat agents service, their team experienced intangible relief in managing only qualified job enquiries, without having to deal with the time wasters or unqualified applicants.


Client Testimonial: 
Joe, GK Home Services

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