When and Why You Should Use Live Chat

When and Why You Should Use Live Chat

Asking when and why you should use a live chat platform on your company or business website is like asking someone when and why you should breathe.

Why? Because you have to! When? Now. All the time. Constantly.

The time is literally now. If you have a start up, business or ecommerce site, I recommend you put in place live chat right now.

This second. Go on, you can use us or you can man live chat yourself or you can use one of our competitors we’ve previously mentioned.

It doesn’t matter, you just need to be using it now.

This might sound extremely melodramatic, but I assure you it is not in the slightest.

In this day and age, I would go so far to say that live chat on your site is just as compulsory as a person breathing.

It ensures your business survives. And even more than that, it ensures that it THRIVES.

We live in a generation of the internet. People do everything on the internet.

Mundane tasks like doing the groceries don’t even need to occur beyond the threshold of your own house any more.

Given this, shoppers and customers have rapidly evolving expectations of the service they expect when they come to be on someone’s site.

I personally have no qualms about leaving a site and buying something somewhere else if they don’t have someone sitting on chat to answers my questions.


Because I hate the phone. I don’t want to call and have to speak to someone in order to query my purchase.

If I wanted to make that level of effort I would have hauled myself off to a brick and mortar store to make sure I was tended to accordingly.

Similarly, I find email annoying too. Because I know I will have to wait a minimum of a few hours, if not a few days to get my answer.

By then, I might not be interested in purchasing anymore.

My attention span is exactly the same as every other Gen Y cyber baby. I want answers and I want products and I want them literally right now.

Such is the beauty of the internet.

So we’ve cleared up the when, that’s the easiest thing for me to tell you.

And I hope I don’t seem too pushy, I just have this wealth of information that I know can benefit you.

And I think it’s so important, you genuinely need to start doing it right now.

I want you to succeed. LeadChat want you to succeed. There’s nothing better than watching other people kick ass.

It makes us super happy. That’s what we’re here for.

So when is now. Let’s talk more about why.

That’s the most important thing.



The worn and tattered cliche that money makes the world go round is absolutely true.

It’s almost the reason anyone does anything. And I’m not saying you are shallow (hello, I am exactly the same. Aren’t we all).

But I AM willing to bet the reason you started your start up was not JUST because it’s something you always wanted to do.

The reason you own your business is not JUST because you always wanted to be your own boss.

The reason you own an ecommerce site is not JUST because you love clothes.

The reason is money. You want to make money. You want to fund the life you want and deserve.

You want to free yourself from the rat race and experience true freedom; no debt, no loans, just financial security.

And this is why I have included this section FIRST while we discuss WHY you should implement live chat on your website.

Live chat can and will make you more money.

This is because it is guaranteed to generate more leads for you.

Leads that you can either enter into your marketing funnel, or leads that will close on the spot due to live chat agents closing the sale for you.

Forrester Research states that a whopping 62% of website visitors are more likely to come back and purchase AGAIN if they have been helped using a live chat platform.

Even more than that, and even more EXCITING than that is the same study found that 38% of people made their purchase BECAUSE of chat itself.

That is huge. That is mindblowing.

If you start using a live chat platform on your site or landing page, there’s 38% of people that come visit who will convert simply because of the chat.

I don’t need to spell it out to you that this means more money, right?

Because you’re making more sales. You’re converting more visitors. You’re getting more people buying your products or signing up to your service.

It truly is amazing.

Kissmetrics have backed this claim up (just so you know I’m not making up random statistics to try and impress you).

They found that 63% of visitors will return to a website that offers live chat.

So even if they don’t convert straight away, you are given more of a chance to nurture them next time.

Because there is a HUGE change (63%!) that they will be back.

You can turn MORE leads into MORE conversions and nurture MORE visitors.

Which all means MORE cash money.



I’m gonna run with the cliches that I’ve been bringing out from the back of the closet and I’m now going to say that this must seem too good to be true.

And you know what they say, if it seems too good to be true that’s because it actually is.

But this time, I’m going to tell you that this little slice of old school colloquialism is very, very wrong.

Because by now you’d assume there has to be some sort of trade off.

Like, if I can make all this money I obviously have to spend a crap tonne of money, right?

Not so.

I mean, there are many options out there with a host of live chat platforms that can do a multitude of things.

But the thing is that you can use live chat yourself. And it’s free.


That’s almost as good as hearing Friday or F… you get the picture, yeah?

You can use the original live chat platform for free.

This DOES mean that you will have to man it yourself (no agents, like we can offer you) but it’s the most cost affordable way to create more leads and generate more money.

Say you do have a little cash to throw around, it need not take a second mortgage to implement 24/7 chat.

There are MANY packages available to suit your needs, and I might as well take this opportunity to let you know LeadChat agents are a dollar an hour (winking at you fiercely right now if you could see me).

Anyway, I’m not here to sell. I’m here to teach.

When you break it down spending the money on live chat support for your business is actually very cost efficient, even when you are spending money.

The cost of interaction with each customer is SIGNIFICANTLY lower than traditional methods.

First of all I would like to point out that one agent usually converses with on average three customers at once.

Imagine someone trying to take three phone calls at once? It’s ridiculous and impossible.

This means that the cost of interaction is kept extremely low, as time is much easier to distribute simultaneously.

Step away from the phone now.

Secondly, customers usually have the same queries. How much is shipping? How much is your service? What can you offer me?

Having to deal with these queries via phone or email is repetitive, costly and laborious.

Live chat enables you to answers these questions instantaneously and often.

You can even have a bot preprogrammed with the frequently asked questions so that you don’t even have to spend money on someone answering these tedious queries for you.

So while it might be true sometimes that you must spend money to make money, it need not be much in this case.

And if you do have to spend money, the ROI is insane.



B2B services, ecommerce sites and your humble tech start up would all be nothing without one thing.

There’s one vital thing that if missing, guarantees failure.

And no, it’s not money like I previously said. Although that is really important, and you can’t have money without this particular thing.

That thing is customers, users, subscribers, whatever.

The people that give you money in return for what you’re offering them.

It is imperative that they are happy. It’s just as important that you communicate effectively with them.

And it’s MOST important that these two things go hand in hand.

So whenever a customer reaches out to your company, they are left smiling every time.

I say this because it is proven fact that customers prefer using live chat.

Surveys have found that approximately 20% of shoppers prefer website chat over any other means of communication.

Breaking that down even further, if you DON’T have live chat that’s 20% of customers that you’re not satisfying.

Bad. Very bad.

Not only do customers prefer it but they also genuinely love it.

As previously mentioned, stats are off the charts.

90% of customers reported that they found live chat helpful.


That is seriously the most ridiculous stat I have ever seen.

I’m sorry for yelling, but that’s so good it’s bordering on absurd.

Imagine if we had the stats for how dissatisfying phone calls or emails were? My mind is one step away from being blown.

As I mentioned, I personally would navigate away from a page lacking in live chat these days.

The internet has created the most ADD, unscrupulous customers you could ever imagine.

There’s an itch that we all need scratched, and that’s that we want information and we want it right now.

So put simply, it’s almost a prerequisite of the times to have live chat. It means happy customers.

Not only do they want it and need it like a bad habit, luckily for you it actually builds better relationships with customers and consumers anyway.

So you might as well give the people what they want.

Just say a lead has ended chat with either you or your sales agent.

The relationship ACTUALLY doesn’t end there. And it’s very simple to keep them in the marketing funnel.

Your customer service rep can very easily use the information obtained through the chat to follow up with them and ask them whether their interaction was satisfactory or not.

Nice touch, right?

Imagine doing this for every chat, every single time.

Simply asking your leads whether they found what they wanted and whether they were happy.

Sure, people might not respond all the time. But it’s a lovely gesture to ask, and it’s one that’s guaranteed to build supremely positive relationships with everyone that comes into contact with your business.

It’s what they want and need, and the customer is always right, right?



I feel like I’ve thrown a hell of a lot of information at you.

I mean, you can make up your own mind. Of course.

I don’t want to tell you what you SHOULD do just what we have found is the BEST thing to do.

Like I previously said, I want you to absolutely kill it. We thrive on it at LeadChat.

And if you ever decide to use us, we’ll help make sure that that’s not just a goal but a reality.

I’d like to leave you with these golden nuggets of chatty wisdom.

A nice little summation of all the things I’ve thrown at you.

You should be using chat right now. This very second. If not now, then when? (I had to throw in one last cliche).

There’s fifty bucket loads full of reasons WHY.

I think they boil down to this, though:

It will make you money.

It won’t cost too much.

It will make your customers and consumers happy.



Gary Tramer
Gary Tramer
Gary Tramer is the co-founder of LeadChat (the best way to increase website conversions) who is a B2B sales junkie and CrossFit addict. You can follow him on Twitter or email him at [email protected]
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